We are pleased to announce the Call for Problems (CfP) for the 2018 edition of the NWERC programming contest.

This contest will take place at Eindhoven University of Technology, from 23 to 25 November, 2018. Submitters of selected candidate problems will become part of the NWERC 2018 Jury. They are expected to assist in the preparations of the final contest problem set, and they are expected to be present at the event. We allow combining the role of judge with the role of team coach. Please take great care to not confuse the roles, though!

Questions regarding this call can be posed to:

Selection Procedure

The deadline for submitting candidate problems is July 22, 2018.

The selection committee aims to select a subset of the submitted problems for use in the contest by mid-August. Selection criteria include problem novelty, and the goal of making a well-balanced problem set in terms of algorithmic topics, and degrees of problem difficulty. You are encouraged to submit at least two candidate problems for consideration rather than one.

If your problem(s) are accepted, you will become part of the NWERC 2018 Jury. You are expected to have time available in the period from late August to November, in order to discuss improvements to your (and other jury members') problems. You are also expected to become a proofreader and implementer of at least one selected problem that is not your own.

If your problem(s) are not accepted, we will destroy all records kept of them. This allows re-submission of the problem(s) for use in another contest.

More information on the submission requirements and the submission process can be found below.

Submission Guidelines

Submission Format